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Content Filtering

Are you worried about the websites that your staff are visiting? Perhaps you want to block certain websites that contain inappropriate content, or malicious software or you might want to stop your staff from wasting time on social media, or watching Internet videos. Alternatively you might not want to block anything from your staff, but instead get detailed reports on how your staff as using the Internet.

Whatever you want to achieve along these lines, AVG cloudcare content filtering is the answer. This can be provided with or without AVG cloudcare anti virus. The pricing is as follows:

Number of PCs Monthly per PC Quarterly per PC 1 Year per PC 2 Years per PC
1 n/a n/a n/a £28.80
2-4 n/a n/a £16.80 £28.80
5-14 n/a £4.80 £15.20 £25.60
15-19 £1.60 £4.80 £15.20 £25.60
20-39 £1.44 £4.32 £13.60 £22.40
40+ £1.28 £3.84 £12.00 £20.00

All prices exclude VAT

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