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Data backup and disaster recovery

Research has shown that companies that suffer a significant data loss are unlikely to still be trading 1 year after that loss. We at Inter-Logic do not want that to happen to any of our clients, and have a selection of services to make sure that it doesn’t happen.

By far the most popular type of backup at present is Online Backup. This process is totally automated, and each night will note the files that have been updated, encrypt them and then transmit them to a secure data centre. This allows data to be quickly recovered in case of a data loss, and in many cases will even allow files to be reverted to earlier versions, should this be necessary.

Online backup starts from £15 per month (paid quarterly) for 25Gb of online backup.

In some cases, online backup is not practical or possible, and in this case Inter-Logic can supply conventional backup solutions, including hardware, software and configuration services, as appropriate.

For companies who must keep their IT up and running at all times, whatever happens, Inter-Logic can offer a high end disaster recovery solution. With this solution, even if the entire office of the protected company was to burn down, full IT services could be restored in a temporary office in a matter of hours. This solution starts from £300 per month, but is a valuable investment for companies that would lose a lot of money if their computers were down for any period of time.

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