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Email and anti spam

Inter-Logic recognise the importance of a good email solution for just about any company. A good email solution should be a free as possible from spam, easily accessible from your main computers, your handheld devices and through webmail. In addition a good mail system should be fully synchronised across all these methods of access, so that if you read and email it is read across all devices, and if you delete it on one, it is gone on all.

To create this ideal solution, Inter-Logic have combined the anti spam service from AVG cloudcare, with the high quality hosted exchange mailboxes from Message Stream. This is sold as a single package, giving a high quality email experience.

There are two version available. Standard includes the anti-spam service and the hosted exchange mailbox, whilst premium includes both of these and additionally a Microsoft Outlook licence.

The per mailbox pricing is as follows:

Per Month Per Quarter Per Year
Standard £7.50 £20.00 £75.00
Premium £10.00 £25.00 £90.00

Monthly billing is only available for orders of 4 or more mailboxes.

Quarterly billing is only available for orders of 2 or more mailboxes.

These restrictions to not apply to customers on Inter-Logic managed support contracts.

Support for Blackberry (pre V10) is £6.00 per mailbox, per month. It does not have to be applied to all mailboxes.

For clients with an existing mail system that they do not wish to change, our anti spam solution can be supplied independently. This will cost between £1 and £2 per mailbox, per month, depending on the number of mailboxes.

All prices exclude VAT

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