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Managed Service Contracts

Inter-Logic offers managed support contracts, based on the number of computers and servers that you have for a fixed monthly fee. The features of the support package are as follows:

  • Automated remote monitoring and management of the computers.
  • AVG CloudCare centrally managed anti-virus and anti-malware.
  • Unlimited telephone support, and remote control support for any user of the supported computers.
  • Accumulative minutes for onsite time, including free call outs.
  • Annual service for all supported computers.

The specific details of each of these elements is explained below.

Automated remote monitoring and management of the computers

A software client is installed onto each of the managed computers which will constantly monitor all aspects of the computers operation, and will automatically raise tickets for any software problems or pending hardware problems that are detected. This will allow

Inter-Logic staff to always keep your computers in good operating order, and will also allow many routine fixes to be applied without the end user even knowing about it.

AVG CloudCare centrally managed anti-virus and anti-malware

This product is based on AVG’s well respected business anti-virus product, with additional features for centralised management and reporting of issues. This technology will give you great protection from all forms of Malware, whilst keeping Inter-Logic staff alerted to any problems that might occur.

Unlimited telephone support, and remote control support for any user of the supported computers

If anyone using one of the managed computers has a problem, they can call Inter-Logic and get telephone support to help with the problem. This will include remote control of the computer if it is appropriate to the problem (and if the nature of the problem allows it!). You will be advised if the nature of the problem requires an onsite visit. Telephone support is not limited to problems with your computer, if you want advice on the best way to achieve something on your PC, we will help with that too.

Accumulative minutes for onsite time, including free callouts

If a problem is not suitable to be solved by remote control then an Inter-Logic engineer will visit your site to fix the problem. This onsite time can be used for any IT related activity including adding or replacing hardware, network configuration, one to one training, software installation and repair etc.

For each desktop or laptop on the contract you will accumulate 5 minutes per month, and for each server it is 30 minutes. These minutes all accumulate in a single pot, so you do not have to use them for a specific computer! Unused minutes will never expire, so you can accumulate them for as long as you like, in addition you can exceed your accumulated of minutes by up to three months worth of minutes, should it be necessary. In the unlikely event that you exceed this limit, then additional hours can be purchased on top of the contract.

Should the contract be terminated, any unpaid time which has been accumulated must be paid off at the point of termination. Alternatively, if there are unused accumulated minutes, these will not be refunded, but will continue to be available to use for up to 6 months after the termination of the contact.

When coming to your site, no callout will be charged, but a minimum of 60 minutes will be debited from your accumulated minutes balance. After the first hour of any given callout, time is deducted in five minute units.

Annual service for all supported computers

All supported computers will be given a full service one year after the commencement of the contract, and on that anniversary thereafter for as long as the contract is in operation.

This service will include checking for all relevant updates for key systems, and various scans and checks to make sure that the PC is operating at peak efficiency for that system. During the annual service, it may be appropriate to include minor hardware upgrades such as increasing the memory in a PC. If so, the labour for this will be included in the annual service work, but the parts will be chargeable.

Contract investment

£25 per PC or Laptop, per month

£80 per Server, per month

The above prices do not include any hardware costs, or software costs (apart from AVG CloudCare and the Remote Monitoring and Management client).

Additional onsite hours, if needed are charged at £60 per hour.

Some initial work may be required to bring systems to a necessary standard before the contract can begin. If required, this will be quoted before the start of the contract.

The above prices are for clients based in Norfolk (or very close.) Alightly different pricing is available for more distant clients, please enquire for more information.

Please click here for a brochure containing the above information.

All prices exclude VAT

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