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This is a testimonial for InterlogicMarch 3, 2015

This is a testimonial for Richard May.

I had decided when I joined the Wensum Chapter that if I ever had a problem with my laptops and computers, Richard would be the Mr Fix It Man when it came to IT.

It was only two weeks ago I ran into trouble when my laptop would not let me open any files until I bought some scam Anti-Virus Software online and consequently it stopped me form working.

I immediately picked up the phone and spoke to Richard who was calm and reassuring.

Within ten minutes, my laptop was in the capable hands of Richard; a further 30 minutes and he had explained and fixed the problem. He then loaded a new Anti-Virus and I was up and running.

The following day at the Wensum Chapter he stayed behind and installed a new Anti-Virus on another laptop as well.

I have never had that level of support; it is so reassuring that I can pick up the phone and Richard will fix it for me. I have referred Richard to as many clients as possible not just for now but when things go wrong in the future. I will continue to do so.

Thank you again!

Annie Turner

July 25 2012

Annie TurnerOwnerTurner Accountancy (Norfolk) LTD

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